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Bring your outdoor living space to life with a professionally planned landscape created by Maryland landscaping company The Moore Companies. We offer homeowners and businesses complete landscape design, installation and maintenance; whether it's a simple project, a small garden with a few plants or a large estate with many flower beds and landscape features. The installation of artificial materials in public areas such as roundabouts, public gardens, residential areas, and medians helps to create green spaces to mitigate the impacts caused by urban and industrial structures, incorporating all the advantages offered by natural grass, but not drawbacks, such as spending too much water and costly maintenance. We can maintain your hedges and bushes, install an irrigation system to maintain the health of your lawn and plants, or install a lighting system to accent the beauty of your landscape. We deliver services such as:

Landscape Design

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We will plan a project to meet your expectations. Tell us what you want and we will work together with you to create a final proposal, both in concept and price, that is worthy of you. From a small project with a dozen plantings to a large project with an assortment of trees, shrubs, lawns, patios, landscape lighting and automatic irrigation systems, we will work with you to design something great!


Hardscape Design

Patios, walkways and walls are also known as “Hardscaping”. We will design and build landscape features to compliment your landscaping by adding walls and walk for beauty, interest and practical spaces for guiding pedestrian traffic and creating patio areas for enjoying your lawn and landscaping.


Landscape Lighting

Artistically designed accent landscape lighting makes a dramatic statement to enhance the beauty of your home's landscape, extends the enjoyment of your outdoors, and increases safety and security on your property at night. We install only high quality, low voltage lighting products to ensure long lasting trouble free lighting for your enjoyment.


Irrigation System Installation

Our automatic irrigation system installed on your property will ensure the proper amount of moisture will be available to your trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns. Proper soil moisture is essential to maintain a healthy, attractive landscape that will compliment your home or business. Every property is unique. We analyze your property to determine the proper source of water required to supply an irrigation system that will cover all areas thoroughly with no weak spots that will result in dry, brown lawn areas and weakened plants in the heat of the summer. Each area of your landscape has a different exposure to the afternoon sun. Some areas may be shaded by trees or by neighboring buildings. Other areas are subject to prevailing winds. By taking these factors into consideration, we design a system to automatically treat each area separately from all others. This critical element of irrigation design ensures proper and efficient coverage of all landscape elements and eliminates waste of our precious water resource. Our typical Rainbird irrigation system consists of an auto control which runs the watering program, a rain sensor to prevent unnecessary watering cycles, popup sprinklers properly spaced to cover all lawn areas and “drip” watering zones for a water saving method to allow plant roots to receive adequate moisture.


Irrigation System Maintenance

Once installed, our irrigation systems are maintained by our irrigation crews providing spring turn on/tune up and fall winterization to prevent freezing in the winter. If problems occur during the growing season we will respond promptly to get your system up and running properly.


Water Features

Installing a water feature within your landscape will create a special focal point that adds beauty and soothing sounds to your yard. We can help you design a custom water feature ranging from water fountains to simple ponds that meets your special needs.


Grading & Site Drainage

Landscaping is normally the last project completed in a building sequence. When we start a job it is up to us to make sure everything is correct, including the site grade where all of our products are to be installed; whether it’s a new patio, wall or walkway, or landscape planting such as trees, shrubs, flowers and/or lawns. In order for most plants to be healthy & grow properly, they need to be planted in well drained soils which allow plant roots to grow wide and deep. In addition to providing good planting soil around the newly installed lawn, tree, shrub or flower, there must be “positive drainage” of excess water away from the roots. By properly filling and grading an area before planting, we ensure a more attractive plant to enhance the landscape. In some cases, installing underground drainage pipes may be necessary to solve a drainage problem. In all instances, we can analyze the problem and propose a solution with a price to get the work done effectively and efficiently.


We would like the opportunity to bid your lawn care job and show you the outstanding lawn care services we provide. Contact us for the next step toward having a beautiful lawn around your business or home.



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